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We now have a channel on the website Daily Motion. We have the Replicating the Sweetwater video on here which previously had never been available online(DVD only). We plan to add more educational type videos to Daily Motion in the future. Click the link below to go to the channel.








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I apologize for the poor quality of the "thin knife blade" video. I was focusing the camera on the thickness gauge so it could be read in the video. To see good pictures of the blades in this video visit the Gallery II page.

Dorsal Ridge Abrasion in Clovis Technology


The video below covers a hypothesis on why the Clovis people did Dorsal Ridge Abrasion in their flintknapping. This was first brought to our attention by professor of archaeology at the University of Exeter Bruce Bradley PhD. He mentions in his video called "Flintknapping Featuring Clovis Technology" that dorsal ridge abrading was done by the Clovis people.

Our hypothesis states, besides making the piece stronger and thus easier to run a flake which Mr. Bradley eludes to as a possible reason in his video, that it also highlights and outlines the ridges on the piece thus making it easier to know where and in what direction to next strike the piece to run a flake. This is especially useful when the ridges are so small that you may not notice them or be able to tell the direction they are running with the naked eye.

We call this technique "mapping", which we realize isn't a very scientific word.

Ed Mosher's Video---In this 7 part video Ed works a piece of Keokuk down into a nice piece, each video section last around 10 minutes. Part 8 is a short video of the finished piece.

Ed has been making some very nice Type IV Danish Daggers recently, please visit his gallery at  www.flintknappers.com 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8--Finished Piece