------------------------------- MODERN FLINTKNAPPING----------------------------

Pedernales Ameoba Blade II

Made of Pedernales Ameoba flint from Texas. 6 1/2 inches. $60

Brazilian Agate Blade

4 3/4 inches. Unique design. $45

Pedernales Ameoba Blade

This blade is made of Pedernales Ameoba flint from Texas and has an unique color change running through the middle. It is 5 1/2 inches long. $46

Long Laurel Leaf

NFS--Not For Sale at this time. This is the last of such blades that Bill has ever made. He is recovering from surgery on his hand and is not sure if he will be able to knap such a blade in the future. This blade may be up for sale in the future depending on how much function he gets back in his hands. This is a laurel leaf shaped blade. It is 11 inches long and ranges in thickness from .22-.26 inches. It is pressured flaked and the flakes range in 1/2-3/4 inches in width. 

Tony Tiger Blade

This blade is made of "Tony Tiger" glass which gets it name due to the black stripes in it. I was told by the rock dealer we bought this from that it is no longer available. The blade is 3 3/4 inches long and .15-.19 inches thick. This is a one of a kind blade and each side is slightly different. $35

Amber Glass

This blade has a little different unique shape to it. It is made of an amber colored glass and is 6 inches long. $35