------------------------------- MODERN FLINTKNAPPING----------------------------

Flintknapping Art---From Ancient Tools to Modern Art

Author: Dwayne Earnhardt (owner of this website)

This book is more than just a photobook. It contains a Foreward discussing the past, present and future of flintknapping by Mike Cook. I wrote the Preface discussing my history with flintknapping and first meeting Robbie Robinson in the early 80's.  The books features eight modern knappers with bio's and pages of photos for each knapper. The knappers include Mike Cook, Jake Webster, Aaron Lincoln, Daniel A. Pierce, Bill Earnhardt, Ed Mosher, Stan Payne and Brian Larochelle.

A few highlight photos include a life size picture of Brian's latest 8 inch biface puzzle point which is just an incredible awesome piece. Never seen before very nice dynamically colored dichroic glass knives/points by Aaron Lincoln. Three types of Dannish Daggers by Ed Mosher including a 16 inch one on the front cover. Many ghost points and other uniquely designed pieces by Jake Webster including a large red dragon on the back cover. Beautiful flintknapped silver inlay jewelry by Daniel A. Pierce. Many beautiful pieces by Mike Cook including a opal arrowhead placed in a ring. A knife owned by President Bush made by Stan Payne. An edge to edge dagger made by Bill Earnhardt and much much more.

This book is also dedicated in the memory of the late knappers Robbie Robinson and Ron Fuller.


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I now have a very limited supply of the  Flintknapping Art book signed by myself and all the knappers featured in the book except Daniel Pierce. $50 includes shipping/insurance. Click the "buy now" button below to purchase.


To purchase with check or money order, email me at Dwayne@modern-flintknapping.com